Five Action Points For Students in Classroom

In this video I have focused on five important points which not only help in concentration in classroom but also help to develop a good character in society. These points explained after making the mental levels  equivalent to the war field. Just like that examination hall is war field, where question paper is attack by the enemy country and students are equivalent to the soldiers, there arms are equivalent to the study tools like pen, notebook, text books, etc.

So as in war a soldiers fight to win similarly a students give examination to get the good results, but here the point is does student do the preparation as the soldiers do in daily routine....if yes then their is no doubt they will win but if some one thinks that he/she will prepare before the examination then it bad thing it does not happens in these points are

1. Discipline: 

This is first important parameter to be attentive in classroom. If your body is not your control how you can think that your mind will be in your control. As body action you can see similarly you have to keep check on your mental activities ...which are in your favor or against.A good sitting posture with straight back help to keep your body in discipline.

2. Responsive

Second important factor is your responsive nature. It depends on how you listen the facts and understand to them. If suppose one teacher ask a open question in classroom, how you respond to him? Or you remain silent and wait that some one else will give the answer of this question and also wait till that teacher doesn't look your side to ask for response. 

3. Initiator

Here if you are in discipline in your class, you are also responsive too then there is no doubt you are a initiator. You have a leadership quality, you can lead the team. This is very big thing in life but we learn it from the classroom too with these small activities. So one have to take the initiative if teacher assigned you any job or gives any instructions for any activity. 

4. Text Recorder


Like audio and video recorder one student have to be perfect text recorder, means during the time of  teacher;s explanation, if you get some sense about the topic, you have to note down immediately that sentence which make sense in your mind. Note down everything which teacher write or draw on board, by this way I think you can not lose your classroom concentration and your mind will be busy to think and learn so fast about the contents.

5. Time manager

After all you should be a good time manager of your day to day activities. The of your study, game, friends, yoga and meditation everything should be calculated. So you can save your time and can increase your output with proper discipline. Submit your assignment on time, sleep on time means every second pass through your awareness.


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