Improve the Learning in Classroom

 As you know that in classroom the students have their own learning style. They understand the concept in their own way. Some students learn by physical pictures fast, some learn through explanation, some by animation or movie. Up to some extent all these points/facts play the role but one can't ignore some other major points also in the classroom. First the teachers response to the students, interaction. The friends circle of the student and many more such points that I have tried to explain here. I hope it will be useful for some one to improve the learning in classroom.

1. Classroom attention

Sometimes students loose their concentration in to the classroom and not grasp the topic properly and hence loose their interest in to subject (s). As a result bad score bad performance. So, how to be attentive every time in the class? To find the answer of this question we have to first find out the reasons of it, why a student loose their concentration? A family, relationship or medical problem can also disturb the students behavior and he can loose their interest to the assigned work. Also, laziness can play the same role, student is not healthy or have eaten enough food during the lunch time, then students will feel sleepy and can not concentrate on the lecture.

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2. Interaction with teacher

 This is an important factor, it has also been observed that students who frequently interact with their teachers are more confident in all activities as compared to those who hesitate to interact with their teachers. Interaction with teacher give students moral support and encouragement. Teacher should participate along with the students in any activity or join a birthday party or similar activities, where students get to know about the life of their teachers. I am sure they will impress with your life style and will motivate to do more good works for the society.

The interaction should be genuine and within the boundary, teacher should know first about the boundary and students should know about the limits of interaction. The interaction with teacher also create the interest into the subject. It is very difficult for one who criticize the teacher and could get good marks in that subject (might be exceptional case), the reason is not teacher but the interest in the subject taught by the that teacher. If you will interact with your teacher, never you can criticize or complain about to him and will also enjoy the subject.     

3. Group discussion

 This activity is possible only when you have some information about the topic (s) on which you have doubt and you want some other possible views which makes your picture more clear about the topic (s). Group discussion is one of the most important tools of study where one come to knows more possible views of a topic and observe the different vision of same problem. Not help only in logical development but also improve the confidence in public speaking. 

Group discussion helps to remember the facts of your course and chance to learn with fun, with free mind. This is best and short cut method to learn the things in short time also. A group discussion remain healthy when group size is small and all the people are of same frequency and knows that they are here for learning. One have to focus on time, so it should be time bound also.  

4. Class Notes & Home work

 This is the most important thing which you have to follow daily and it should be part of daily routine. Prepare your class notes daily, follow the text books and make perfect notes in separate note book. Actually the class notes are not complete notes in any case, you have to read books and prepare a good notebook for the concepts, derivation and numerical.

There is no any short cut method in to the learning, so you have to work hard from the day first. If teacher gives you any home work whether that is small or a big amount of the numerical problems, you have to show that on or before due date. It will develop a good and healthy habits in your mind which will be useful in future.

 Take the help of seniors to complete the assignments or any  type of homework. A good class notes help during the examinations. Try to write your idea, explanation in your own language in a box with different color of pencils.  

5. Standard Publisher/Authors Text Books

Read always good publisher and authors book, these books remain free of printing and/or symbols mistakes. Also they cover good quality of material, their explanations always follow a reference and gives a good presentation of the course.While local authors try to make simple language and reduce the material of the books so as a result there is a possibility to change the meaning of that concept and incomplete information for the same.

 6. Question asking technique

What is this? This part is very important when you interact with your teacher and discuss in a group. Usually students ask the question directly, like, what is day and night? What is Semiconductor Laser? What is population inversion? or What is time dilation? What is Hall effect? What is earth? etc. I personally feel that in a class, where teacher already told about the topics, then during interaction with teacher asking this way of question is not right. As we know, after the lecture delivery in to the class, students are suppose to read text books and make a proper notes, in this process student get an idea about the topic. But, to reach up to depth of the topic there are some more steps, where the student's concept is not clear or have some doubts/confusion. Then students don't need to use or ask in this way that what is ......? Student first explain the point that I understand up to here in this particular topic and when I was trying to understand this statement or step I could not make my idea more clear, or student have to note down both the ideas of his mind on that topic, where, because of that he is facing confusion. In this way teacher can help in better way to make the concept more clear. Obviously, this will improve the understanding and vision to see and solving many problems. 

This idea you can understand better with this classical example; If suppose you ask an address of your friend's house to someone in a big city, the person told you about the way,  to approach that sector where your friend is living and location of the house. In this case if you forget the way or somehow be confuse that,  which path you have to follow, then again you ask to someone and follow the right path, to find the exact house. In this process you did work (move some steps) for searching the house to find the friends. 

Similarly to make concept more clear you have to follow the steps, (that path) and if you face problem (confuse about the right path) then ask the right way, in this process you have to cover at least some distance to approach the target (i.e. knowledge). 

 7. Self expression

If you are not able to express your idea clearly then you will face the problem to understand the concept. You have to speak openly without any hesitation. Whenever you get the chance to speak at any platform you have to use of that. Regularly you have to develop your self for the betterment.
Say always whatever is in your mind. This is also one of the important tools in the development of student's life. So, don't ignore it. Meet with the people tell them about yourself and listen about them.  There are so many things which you can solve through this technique i.e., self expression. Use it effectively and do work on it everyday. 

After reading and watching all the points if you have any question or doubt you can ask to me. Comment in box.  

Disclaimer: These points are on the basis of my personal teaching experience, any one might be wrong, please correct me if you  notice any point (s),  it will be my pleasure


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